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What is is a system that allows you to write articles, or post advertiser provided content to your blog in exchange for cash. We have thousands of advertisers looking to have articles posted for many different industries.

A Sponsored Post is an article you are paid to write and/or post for an advertiser. There are 2 different types of Sponsored Posts, articles and content repost. If an advertiser requests an article you will be asked to create a post about a topic related to the advertisers industry which is appealing to their target audience. Once written you publish the post on your blog.

If content repost is requested, the advertiser will provide you with the content for you to post on your blog exactly as written. Each advertiser has his or her own requirements (i.e. word count, links, etc.).

Do I have to disclose that the article is a paid post?

How you disclose that the post is sponsored is up to you; however, you must follow each advertisers requirements. Some advertisers may ask for you to include one of our disclosure badges while others may ask that you only use a site-wide disclosure. If you do not agree with what the advertiser is requiring for disclosure, simply reject the task or do not bid on the opportunity. Regardless of what an advertiser requests we always fully support site-wide disclosures.

Why Sell Sponsored Posts?

There are many reasons why you would want to sell a Sponsored Post.

  • Earn thousands or millions of rupiah writing posts. In addition, as you build up a reputation, and audience, your value goes up.
  • Increase readership of your blog by writing high quality articles that your audience will appreciate. The first rule of blogging is "post often"; it is the key to attracting subscribers.
  • Highly targeted content will drive quality search engine traffic to your site.

How it Works:

There are two ways to participate:

  1. You can create a profile for your blog(s) in order to attract advertisers. Advertisers will purchase posts from you directly through our marketplace, which you have the option to accept or decline within 3 days.
  2. You can also search for advertisers directly, and bid on tasks. Our unique bidding system allows you to negotiate your rates with advertisers in order to maximize your earnings.

Once you have accepted a task, you have 5 days to complete your assignment. Upon publishing the post on your blog, you must enter the URL of the post into our system.

  • Our staff will then assess your post to ensure that it meets our quality guidelines. Once approved, your account is credited with the amount agreed.
  • Every two weeks, accounts with an outstanding balance are paid instantly via PayPal.

Sponsored Post Writing Guidelines

  1. Posts must be written according to the terms set by the advertiser.
  2. Constructive criticism is encouraged, however, posts that are hateful or non-constructive will not be accepted.
  3. Posts must be permanent and archived.
  4. The content should be good quality, written in 3rd person and be non-promotional. You should not write that you are associated with the company/product you are writing for.

What is required to create a free account?

We only require basic information such as your first and last name, email address, social security number and PayPal payment address. Once your account is setup you can begin adding your blogs.

What are the requirements for my blog to be approved?

In order for your blog to be accepted into SponsoredReviews, we do have some minimum requirements. These requirements are set in place to make sure we are providing the best quality sites to advertisers. Some of our minimum requirements include:

  • Your blog must be at least 3 months old and be cached/indexed in the major search engines, including Google.
  • Your blog must be submitted to a category that is the most relevant for your site.
  • Posts must be archived permanently like the other posts on your blog. You are not allowed to remove them. In addition your blog must have links to archived posts on the homepage.
  • All posts must contain unique content. You are not allowed to copy a post from another site or to use public domain or copyrighted material on your post.
  • Spun/Computer Generated content is not allowed.
  • Your blog must not contain duplicate content scraped from other sites.
  • We reserve the right to reject blogs that contain too much visual clutter. You are free to use ads, banners and badges, but if they overwhelm the content itself we may reject the blog.
  • Completed Blog posts must be permanently archived and not purposely removed from your blog/website for at least 1 year or a minimum of 1 year.
  • You are not allowed to use a rel=nofollow tag on the links to the advertisers, unless requested by the advertiser.

How much money can I make?

You set the price you want to charge per post. Once you’ve entered your blog URL into the system and the stats are collected you will see a suggested price that will be calculated based on the stats your blog has. The amount of money you can make is up to you. Advertisers pay anywhere from IDR 500,000 to IDR 5,000,000 depending on the quality of your site.

Using the right way, how to avoid a loss in site stats:

If you are using your blog site as a way to make money there are some important things you need to consider in order to keep your site in good standings with the search engines and keep the stats on your blog growing. Here are some important tips to keep your site from being flagged or possibly de-indexed.

  • Only post articles that are relevant to the category your site is in. This will go a long way in retaining and growing the authority your site will have.
  • Only post high quality content. Do not accept or bid on opportunities in niches you aren’t familiar with. Today, high quality content is the most important thing to have on your site. If you are unable to write high quality content for a task you should not be publishing it on your site.
  • Post more unpaid articles than paid articles. A good rule of thumb is a 2:1 ratio, you should post 2 articles that are non-paid for every paid article you post. This is the best way to keep your stats up. Those bloggers that post nothing but paid articles with links all over them usually end up losing rankings.
  • Do not place an excessive amount of site wide paid links.
  • Post longer articles. Any article you post should have a minimum of 300 words. If you are posting links it is a good general rule to post 100 words for every link you place and you shouldn’t overload a post with links so keep it to a max of 3 links per post.
  • Keep current content on your site all the time. If you have a site that has good stats but there hasn’t been anything posted in weeks or months, most advertisers will see that as a deterrent and may believe you are no longer writing posts for the blog so they may pass on selecting your site for a post.
  • Don’t overuse plug-ins and 3rd party ads. These additions are okay in moderation however, the overall appearance of your site is very important. The cleaner and more customized your site is, the more advertisers are going to like it and want to choose it.

Will my contact information be confidential?

Yes, your contact information is kept confidential by and is not made available to third parties or other participants.