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What is is a do-it-yourself system that allows you to purchase blog posts and/or syndicate articles.

Why buy or place articles on blogs?

There are many reasons why you would want to buy a Sponsored Post:

  • To build links in order to increase your websites search engine rankings.
  • To announce the launch of a new product or service.
  • To create buzz about a new website.
  • To get honest and constructive feedback from professional posters and their audiences.
  • To create direct traffic from a highly targeted audience.

How it works: blog post system allows you to receive thousands of bids from publishers via our Bidding System. In addition to our Bidding System you can also buy posts directly from publishers at their listed price.

  1. You can search for and purchase posts directly by browsing through our database of active publishers. Once you purchase a post and provide some details about the post you want done, we notify the publishers. The blogger would then accept or decline your post request. Once accepted the blogger has 5 days to write the post, post it on their blog, and submit the URL into our system for you to see.
  2. You can also post an opportunity so that publishers can search and find you directly. An opportunity is similar to posting a job opening. Bloggers will search for relevant advertisers in order to find work. Posting an opportunity will increase the number of posts you can get completed.

What is required to create an account?

We require basic information to create an account. You can get started by entering your first and last name, email address, company name (if applicable), telephone number, and a password. Once that has been completed your account is all set up and you can begin by checking out our inventory of blogs, or make a deposit and create an opportunity to start purchasing posts.

What does it cost?

Setting up an advertiser account is fast, free and easy. When you are ready to make a deposit we only require a minimum deposit amount of IDR 500.000 to create an opportunity. Blog posts range anywhere from IDR 175.000 per post on the low side and to millions of IDR on the high side. You choose the price based upon the criteria you are looking for. We have something for everyone.

What payment options are available?

We accept payments via PayPal and bank transfer.

Will my contact information be confidential?

Yes, your contact information is kept confidential by and is not made available to third parties or other participants.

Using to build Links to increase search engine rankings

  • We give you the option to do Articles, Reviews, or Content Syndication.
    We offer multiple post types that allow you the option to get exactly what you’re looking for. Whether you are looking for a post about your company, an article written on a certain subject, or you have an article or press release you’ve already written and you just want syndication is the only system that gives you this type of functionality.
  • Not a Fully Automated/Low Quality Blog Network.
    Beware of blog networks that offer hundreds or thousands of links through a monthly automated system. Those types of systems produce networks that are quickly de-indexed by the search engines, offering very little long term value, or worse. is not an automated network. You can fully evaluate each and every site you are getting links from in order to determine whether the site is low quality or doing something that the search engines will disapprove of.
  • Not Built for Amateurs. is a powerful tool but as with most powerful tools it can be used incorrectly. If you do not understand how to build a proper anchor text strategy, or how to selectively pick the right blogs, we highly recommend you seek professional help, which we can provide through our full service management program. Has More features than the Competitor

  • Over a Dozen Filters - Mozscape, Referring Domains, Google Cache, Estimated Traffic from Alexa , Keyword Search, Price, Web Host Location, Blogger IP Location (great for locating quality bloggers), LinkSpamScore (our new outbound link analysis score) and many more.
  • Favorites and Tagging - Tag your favorite blogs to easily find them in the future.
  • User Ratings - Thousands of ratings by other advertisers help you find the best blogs.
  • LinkSets - Automatically rotates through Links/URL's - Our LinkSets system allows you create an unlimited number of URL's/Link Text sets that are assigned to bloggers automatically. Allows you to easily build links to subpages and with different Link Text.
  • Hundreds/Thousands of Sites in Every Category - Buy links from blogs that are themed for your industry. Commitment to You

  • Indonesian Based Customer Support!
    We are here to help you be successful. You can reach us anytime via phone and email during our business hours via our contact info down below.
  • Cutting Edge
    We are constantly growing and evolving and coming up with new features giving our advertisers the newest tools and stats available to allow you to get the best results while keeping our site user friendly. We are constantly sending out new messages on your homepage with the latest information, tips and tricks, shortcuts, insider tips, and giving you education on how to get the best results possible with DIY link building.